The Japanese attack Hong Kong on the same day as Pearl Harbor due to the International Date Line.

CNAC, the airline co owned by China and Pan Am had all their planes except 1 at the Hong Kong Airport when the Japanese attacked. Billy, Mac, McDonald, Jr was in route when reports came in that Hong Kong had been attacked. He had a plane load of passenegers. His decision was, did he go and deliver his passengers to their destination or divert and go to Toungoo Burma, where the Flying Tigers, (AVG) were training and check in with Claire Chennault to see if he needed his help. He went to Toungoo and was met with 66 AVG planes and pilots awaiting an attack from the Japanese. Mac stopped his plane, got out and started running towards Chennault. They had a 5 or so minute meeting, no one knows what was said but the actions of Mac in the next few weeks will strongly suggest what was said.  Come back in a few days for more on the story.